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About EmyLittle

From Dalecarlia with Love

Love for the traditional peasant costumes of Dalecarlia, 19th-century design and Swedish rustic style is the inspiration for EmyLittle’s soft peasant costumes for little kids. The designers, the Kax sisters, see their design on one hand as nostalgia and on the other as a tender comment on the Swedes’ love for the rustic and textile traditions of Dalecarlia. The brand is named after their beloved handcrafting grandmother – Emy spelt with one m.

Karin Lindqvist Kax and Åsa Kax Ideberg share a love for their roots. They grew up in Hedemora, the oldest town in Dalecarlia. In their younger years they had their own traditional peasant costumes at feasts and holidays. Lovely, but not very comfortable. It is from this childhood memory that their idea of comfortable interlock clothes for children inspired by the traditional costumes arose.

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Emy Little
House of Emy AB
Hantverkargatan 37, 2 tr
SE-112 21 Stockholm
+46 (0)70 778 73 85

Contact Åsa Kax for pressinformation:

Kungsgatan 90, Stockholm, only by appointment, phone +46 (0)70 778 73 85
Gamla Faluvägen 5, Hedemora, only by appointment, phone +46 (0)225 382 45.